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Specialty Retail



Compared to long-term leases,  short-term leases allow brands to experiment with brick-and-mortar retail and test their concept with showroom exposure. A temporary inline unit allows visibility and credibility of a fixed store and the flexibility of a short-term lease.

Short Term In-Line Store Photo
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Retail Merchandising Units (RMU) or carts, offer plenty of advantages to first-time and experienced retailers. RMU's are an ideal platform for specialized product sales, launches, and test marketing in the center of busy common areas. 

Be Good to People RMU
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A pop-up shop can be an effective way to test a new market or access new audience segments. Showcasing your products in a pop-up shop can generate interest among shoppers who are already in the mood to buy.

Pop Up Store Photo
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These small-foot print kiosks are located in high-traffic areas with 360-degree visibility, allowing shoppers to experience every aspect of your unique products. Kiosks are a versatile and customizable way to attract new customers in a shared common space.

Airport Kiosk
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